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The City of San Francisco, California

San FranciscoLiving in the city of San Francisco is rather a lifestyle and we know it very well. Mobile Mechanic Pros San Francisco is extremely proud that we have the privilige of serving this city and also having profound connections with the automotive industry. It is our number one priority to make the life of the people living here a bit easier, and this has been our focus every day when we are out fixing vehicles at your home or office. Nothing beats the satisfaction of giving value to the local community, so this has been always a mission of our company.

The city has a rich history which is dating back to 1776 when it was founded by spanish colonists. The city experienced the largest growth in population during the Gold Rush of California when many settlers found new home here and roughtly one quarter of the population of the West coast was living in San Francisco.

Fun facts about the city of San Francisco:

In 1906 a huge earthquake and the resulting fires caused the destruction of 75% of the city, but it has been rebuilt in a rather quick fashion.

The symbol of the city, the Golden Gate bridge has been declared as one of the modern time wonders of the world. At the time when it was built, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world.

The University of California, San Francisco is among the top 5 best medical schools in the country and it has been a center for research for many years. 

Every day about 560,000 people take the bus to travel to various destinations in San Francisco. 

Because of the great climate and friendly people, about 25 million visitors arrive to the city each year. 

The neighborhoods our crew is from:

Our favorite restaurants in San Francisco:

Gary Danko

The best sights in San Francisco:

Golden Gate Park
Japanese Tea Garden

It is always a great experience for our crew when we have visitors in the city and we get the opportunity to show them around so they can also experience everything what San Francisco can offer to tourists. Without a doubt it is one of the most beatiful cities in the world, so it is always a great pleasure to see the smiles on the faces of our visitors when they first get to see it. If you have not been to this amazing city yet, we can only encourage you to pay us a visit, it will be an amazing experience for you, we guarantee it!


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#1 Mobile Mechanic in San Francisco

Call Now: (415) 599-0006