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Exploratorium – Attractive Tourist Point in San Francisco

Perhaps you are on vacation in San Francisco and you are looking for fun places to visit, Exploratorium might be your best bet, especially if you’re a lover of art and science. 

The Exploratorium is an iconic attraction in San Francisco. It is a museum with more than 650 hands-on experimental exhibits where you can have fun and also learn more about science, arts, and technology.

If you’re in San Francisco and you’re yet to visit the Exploratorium, you might be missing out.

Why should you visit the Exploratorium?

Here are why Exploratorium should be your first stop when visiting San Francisco:

It is more than just a museum

It was founded in 1969 by Frank Oppenheimer, a physicist. It is a museum where you don’t just have fun but also gain knowledge of psychology, arts, geography, engineering, and biology. This is why it’s called “a learning laboratory”. The museum has galleries that include exhibitions that give insight into these subject matters.

It is also deeply rooted in San Francisco’s history of independence and creativity. If you’re looking for where to gain insight into the city’s history and culture, Exploratorium is your go-to place.

You can have a beautiful view of the city

Exploratorium is located on San Francisco’s historic waterfront where you can have the best view of the city more than you can anywhere. 

From the glass-walled Bay Observatory Gallery and Terrace of the museum, you can have an extensive view of the Bay Bridge, Coit Tower, the skyline, and Treasure Island. 

What can you do at Exploratorium?

There are 6 galleries of more than 650 exhibits in the Exploratorium. Each gallery has its area of exploration that you can interact with and indulge your curiosity.

Here’s the list of the galleries and what you can do at each.

  • Osher Gallery which is the first gallery allows you to relate to the human body. You can experiment with thoughts, social behavior , emotions, and feelings.

  • Tinkering is the second gallery. Here, you can explore your creativity by creating things with your hands.

  • Bechtel, the third gallery allows you to experiment with different lights, mirrors, sounds, and bubbles. This section is especially great for children.

  • Living Systems, the fourth gallery explores the DNA of living organisms and the ecosystem.

  • Outdoor Exhibits is the fifth gallery and here, you can explore natural phenomena like winds and tides.

  • Observing Landscapes is the sixth gallery where you can learn about the history and geography of San Francisco, California and enjoy the view of the landscape.

Apart from visiting the galleries, you can also visit the restaurants, sip cocktails, visit the tactile dome, take pictures, build a scribbling machine, dance in a tornado, etc.

Where is the Exploratorium located? 

The Exploratorium was hosted at the Palace of Fine Arts from its inception in 1969. It was, however, moved in 2013 to Piers 15 in San Francisco, CA where it’s located till date. 

How much does admission into the Exploratorium cost?

Children below 3 years old are given free access, adults pay $29.95, while 4-12 years olds pay $19.95. Teachers, college students, people with disabilities, and over 65 pay $24.95. 

What time does the Exploratorium open and close?

The Exploratorium opens every day from 10 am to 5 pm. On Thursday evenings, the museum opens from 6 pm to 10 pm for adults only.

Final Thoughts

The Exploratorium, unlike some museums, allows you to learn while having fun. It is a beautiful place for both adults and children to explore, increase their knowledge, and have fun.

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