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Take A Quick Trip To The California Academy Of Sciences

The California Academy Of Sciences was established to collect and preserve various natural elements in the San Francisco and California area. It was called the California Academy Of Natural Sciences when founded in 1853. Still, the founding body saw fit to change the name 15 years after its launch.

It’s now decades later, and the Academy of Sciences museum, which was opened in 1874 in the city of San Francisco, is one of the world’s largest history museums. It has become a home to millions of specimens from all over the world and attracts millions of visitors yearly.

Where To Find California Academy Of Sciences

Sightseers can find the Academy and its museum sitting on about 400,000 square feet at 55 Music Concourse Dr, Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco, California. Visitors can use a map or check out the website for accurate information concerning directions on how to locate the Academy and extra information on parking arrangements.

What Are The California Academy Of Sciences Visiting Hours?

Anyone can visit the museum and check out some sights they offer any day of the week, from Monday to Sunday during the year. Visiting hours may differ. On weekdays you can do your visiting from 10 am and 11 am on Sundays. You can confirm the opening and closing hours in real-time on specific holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas before any scheduled visits.

Does The California Academy Of Sciences Open To People Of All Ages?

The Academy is ideal for visitors of all ages as long as laid down rules are followed. It is family-friendly and has various sights and activities for visitors of any age range. Kids can visit the curiosity groove, the planetarium shows, and go on tours, amongst other activities. 

Adults can participate in many other activities, like visiting the Naturalist Center, Indoor Steinhart Aquarium, Rain Forest, and Living Roof to check out bone remains.

How Much Will Visiting The California Academy Of Sciences Museum Cost?

General admission tickets to the academic museum cost about $45 per head. Still, if you purchase your ticket ahead of the day of your intended visit, you get a small discount which is perfect if you plan to go as a group. Your ticket purchase’s value depends on how early you get it. If you want to save more on your purchase, buying on Monday for a trip on Thursday will get you a higher discount than buying on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Additional Information

To gain entry and enjoy the Academy’s facilities, you need to take your Covid vaccine shots and prove that you have done so. Be considerate, keep a few feet away from other visitors, sanitize often, and wear your mask.

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